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What is a Load Miser Panel?

Load Miser panel Allow You To Connect Two Large Appliances Such As A Hot Water Tank And Stove And Prioritize One Appliance Due To An Electrical Panel Or Service Entrance Being Underrated. There are 2 Types of Loads In A Load Miser Switch: Preferred Load Non Preferred Load When the Load reaches 80% Of The Fuse Rating Of The Device, The Non Preferred Load Will Shut Off And Allow The Preferred Appliance To Operate. When the Preferred Load Is Below 80% Or Turned Off, The Load Miser panel Lets Power Go To The Non Preferred Load.

Load Miser Panel has been phased out over the years, but the demand for them is still high. The electrical authorities do not want people to use load Miser Panel anymore, which would explain their faze out status. However, they are not illegal, as there are many of them installed worldwide. Some people are still able to get hold of them due to some available stock. The shortage of load Miser Panel has led to the upgrading of services from 60 Amps to 100 Amps, or 100 Amps to 200 Amps, and it has earned power companies a lot of money. Most people who build new homes or undertake major renovations have a 200 Amp service, which can handle many appliances simultaneously. There are millions of 60 & 100 Amp service entrances in the world, and upgrading a service can be expensive nowadays.

Many people would like to control just two large appliances in their home or garage automatically to avoid nuisance tripping of their mains to save on a complete service upgrade. Many people have an AC unit, dryer and washer, stove, and many other appliances that make a 60 and even 100 Amp service entrance's mains trip when more than one appliance is running. If you're border line in amperage you just need those appliances prioritized with a miser switch. Fortunately there's a load miser switch design that's even better than the traditional load miser switching system.

Load misers Panel are great for cost-effective and energy-saving solutions, or when you have limited system capacity when you add a hot tub or vehicle charger to your home’s existing service.

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